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Welcome to Sigmatec 

Sigmatec has been operating in the Australian Market since 2006. Our mission and main objective is to provide our Customers with High Quality Products at the Most Competitive Prices in Australia. We Specialise in Low-Cost material and products for textile associated manufacture.

Sigmatec organises shipment of goods directly from the manufacturers warehouse to your door, therefore there are no storage costs which in-turn results in more affordable prices of our products and services.

Sigmatec is a family run business based on Integrity, Great Quality Products, Reliable Customer Service and most importantly Value for Money! We take pride in giving our customers the best business association and we have Great Confidence that you will be Satisfied with our Products and Services.


Environmentally Friendly Products

Keder Rope

Keder Rope is a very practical technical textile re-enforcement product for the kinds of textile cloths which require re-enforced sides due to tension and forces.

Sigmatec’s Keder Rope and its connection produces no-friction. Structures become strong enough for long-term, semi-permanent installations. Simple and efficient for quick set-up and easy-dismantling.

Ezy Roll Lifters

Sigmatec’s Ezy Roll Lifter is specially designed to easily and efficiently move heavy rolls of all kinds, including: paper, banner vinyl, and vinyl with adhesives.

This machine is ideal for transporting heavy, long rolls quickly and efficiently even through a standard door.

The Lifter includes a movable flap at the front, making rolling rolls on very easy.

New Products

Coming Soon!

Our Guarantee

Sigmatec is very  Confident in the Quality of our Products, therefore, we offer a 7-day Money back Guarantee or replacement. 

Have peace of mind when making your purchase with SIGMATEC!










Past Projects by Sigmatec

Mike Miller

I had peace of mind while making my purchase with Sigmatec, I knew I was receiving the best in the market.

Jenny Boyd

The keder I received was of a high standard. I was very impressed with the all round service. Thank you Sigmatec!

Shelly Crow

Very good quality ezy roll lifter, it has made moving my textile rolls a breeze. Highly recommend this product.

Larry  Clark

I like how Sigmatec's products are environmentally friendly, so I will always come back for all my keder rope needs.

Eric Spears

The price for my new ezy roll lifter was very affordable, great price for a very good machine. I am very happy!