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Ezy Roll Lifters

Sigmatec's Ezy Roll Lifters

Lifting heavy rolls has just become a whole lot easier!

Sigmatec’s Ezy Roll Lifter is specially designed to easily and efficiently move heavy rolls of all kinds, including: paper, banner vinyl, vinyl with adhesives and more. This machine is ideal for transporting heavy, long rolls quickly and efficiently even through a standard door by a single person.

The Ezy Roll Lifter includes a movable flap at the front, making rolling rolls on very easy. The flap goes down when loading onto the required machine.

The hydraulic piston capacity is rated to 300kgs and can lift up to 1100mm high, giving you enough height to reach working benches.

The most significant benefit of this unit is that it only needs one person to operate it, thus improving productivity, whilst reducing the risk of workplace injury.

Product Specifications

How does it work?

Step 1

Drop flap and place roll in front of the Ezy Roll Lifter with straps stretched out in a parallel position underneath.

Step 2

Pull the straps over the Ezy Roll Lifter handles to roll the required material onto the Ezy Roll Lifter.

Step 3

Fasten the straps to secure the roll.

Please note

Always remember to apply the brake before loading and unloading the Ezy Roll Lifter.

Step 4

Use the foot pump to adjust the height of the Ezy Roll Lifter, per your requirements.

Step 5

Easily manoeuvre the loaded Ezy Roll Lifter through standard doors and tight areas.

Step 6

Come as close as needed to install the roll onto the required machine.

Step 7

The Ezy Roll Lifter allows you to easily lift up to working benches. 

Step 8

Sigmatec's Ezy Roll Lifter makes light work of lifting and moving textiles!

Ezy Roll Lifter Features

  • The movable flap at the front allows for easy loading onto the tray and can be dropped down when off-loading onto a work bench.
  • Polyester straps used to secure the roll makes following safety procedures easy.
  • The brakes allows the roll to be safely placed onto a stationary machine, improving loading and unloading times.
  • Single person use: Saves time and money.