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Keder Rope

What is Keder?

Keder Rope is a very practical technical textile re-enforcement product for the kinds of textile cloths which require re-enforced sides due to tension and forces.

  • Keder Rope connection produces no-friction.
  • Structures become strong enough for long-term, semi-permanent installations.
  • Simple and efficient for quick set-up and easy-dismantling.

Product Applications

Keder Rope is used to attach awnings to buildings, camping vehicles and boats. It is also used in sailboats to attach sails to spars. And it is increasingly used in the sign industry too. Keder Rope is most commonly used in the following industries:

  • Print Media: Large digital printing - banners, Keder is used to mount fabric signs and banners into frame systems on walls, on the sides of trucks, and various types of free-standing displays.
  • Canvas Industry: Tents, tarpaulins, marquees, blinds, shade cloths and awnings.
  • Marine Industry: Sails - Keder is used to attach awnings to boats, and sails to spars.

Sizes available

Custom sizes available

If you can’t find the size you are looking for in the above list, please contact Sigmatec and we will prepare a custom size according to your requirements.

Lowest price Guarantee

Keder’s great applications and solutions often makes the product rather expensive on the Australian market. But through Sigmatec’s long history as a straight supplier and deliverer of Keder straight to your door, you can expect the most affordable prices in Australia.